Man allegedly kills daughter-in-law – 17 Mar 2023

In separate incident, man strangles his wife on suspicion over her character

A man killed his daughter-in-law and injured his grandchildren, police said.

In a separate incident, a man strangled his wife on suspicion over her character, they said. Police seized the bodies, registered cases and arrested the suspects.

Eighty-year-old Mohammad Ali, a resident of Chak No. 215 RB Nethari area of Saddar Police Station, had had an argument with his daughter-in-law, Nasira Bibi, 45, over children taking milk.

As a result of this quarrel, Mohammad Ali allegedly stabbed his daughter-in-law Nasira Bibi and her children, 16-year-old Usman, eight-year-old Noman, 12-year-old Maryam and five-year-old Khadija, while they had been asleep, police said. The injured were shifted to the Civil Hospital.

As soon as information about the incident was received, the Saddar Police reached the spot and seized the body of the slain woman. The police arrested the suspect along with the murder weapon and opened their investigation.

In another incident, Ijaz Ahmad, a resident of Chak No. 86 Tehsil, District Sargodha, told the police that his sister had married Mohammad Ali 12 years ago.

The couple had three children, Bilal, Rabia and Usman. Ijaz Ahmed told the police that suspect Mohammad Ali strangled his sister while she had been asleep.

The suspect later surrendered before the police.

Police seized the body of the deceased and handed it over to her heirs after postmortem.

Just a day ago in Chichawatni, a 55-year-old woman and her 24-year-old adopted daughter were strangled at night while they had been asleep, police said.

They said that the 24-year-old deceased had married Abu Sufyan five years ago against the wishes of her maternal uncles.

Police said that the other deceased, Rashidan Bibi, 55, a working woman, had been a widow who had had no children of her own so she had adopted Rabia Bibi, who was a daughter of one of Rashidan’s relatives.

Rashidan Bibi had also adopted a boy who had now become a grown up man with a wife. Rashidan Bibi had been living with her adopted son and his wife. Rabia, too, had been living a happily married life with her husband and two children in her husband’s house.

They said that Rabia’s uncle, Mashooq Ali alias Mastu, had allegedly been pressuring his niece to end her marriage, but Rabia had stood her grounds and refused to oblige her uncle.

The other day, Rashidan Bibi’s adopted son, along with his wife, went to visit his in-laws and decided to spend the night there.

Being mindful of not leaving her mother alone at the house for the night, Rashidan Bibi’s son requested Rabia to go to their house to spend the night with their mother. Police said that the two women had been asleep at their home in Iqbal Nagar when suspect Mashooq Ali alias Mastu, along with his accomplices, allegedly sneaked into their home, strangled the women and escaped.

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