Man allegedly hacked to death by cousins – 08 Feb 2023

Police takes possession of body and started searching for the accused

Four people allegedly hacked their 40-year-old cousin to death, police said.

The police took possession of the body and started searching for the accused.

Mohammad Irfan, a resident of Kalyanwala, told the police that his cousin, Allah Yar, had married Salma Bibi, a daughter of one of the accused, Allah Ditta, five months ago.

Irfan told the police that one Mazhar called his father Ghulam on his mobile phone and asked him to come for reconciliation.

He said that his father Ghulam, along with Mehmood Ali and Ali Raza, had been on their way to Mazhar Hussain’s house when he got a call, asking him to wait in Mohalla Rasulpura 411 GB.

Meanwhile, the accused, Allah Ditta, Mazhar, Shehbaz and Ahmed Yar arrived allegedly armed with axes. “They made my father sit in a doctor’s clinic,” Irfan told the police. Irfan said that accused Allah Ditta and Shehbaz arrived and killed his father.

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