Man accused of killing father found dead – 19 Sep 2022

According to the FIR, the deceased was beaten to death with batons

A man who had allegedly killed his father on September 3 and had been on the run since then was found dead in a house, police said.

The body of Mohammad Sohail was found in a house in Mauza Chah Ameer Wala Salasdar, they said.

According to the text of the FIR, the police received information that a person had been beaten to death with batons by unidentified people. They had also wrapped a piece of cloth around the deceased’s neck.

SHO Nazakat Maitla said that when they reached Karim Bakhsh’s house, Abdul Waheed, a former Naib Nazim, identified Sohail as Karim Bakhsh’s son.

Sources said that a brother of the deceased had been arrested, but police did not confirm the arrest.

According to the background of the events leading up to Sohail being found dead, he was accused of having killed his father over a dispute over six biga of land.

Police had registered a murder case against him on the complaint of his brother, Muhammad Tufail.

Muhammad Tufail, a resident of Sal Saddar, a suburban area of Lodhran, stated in his complaint with the police that his brother, Sohail, had sold the land he had inherited as his share from the family land and squandered all the proceeds and became broke.

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