LHC orders police to remove record of cases against underage drivers

LAHORE: The Lahore High Court on Thursday directed the police to remove the names of underage drivers, those discharged or acquitted, from the cases registered against them.

Justice Ali Zia Bajwa was hearing a petition by a woman, Ghazia Ehsan, challenging the inclusion of the names of underage drivers in the criminal record and the procedure for their removal.

Assistant Advocate General Shahid Nawab told the court that an arrangement had been made between Nadra and Punjab police to identify the age of accused persons and other details.

The judge asked the law officer about the progress on a government summary regarding removal of the criminal record of underage drivers. The lawyer said the summary was pending with the provincial cabinet.

Justice Bajwa questioned why the names of the discharged or acquitted underage drivers were not being removed from the record. He observed that the high court Multan bench also passed an order for the removal of criminal record of the underage drivers.

Petitioner`s counsel Rabbiya Bajwa pointed out that the police added a column in a form for discharged suspects containing information including the charges related to the crime, which was illegal.

The judge said what is left against the person who is discharged from the case. He directed the Punjab government`s lawyer to submit a report on the implementation of the court order by Feb 15.

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