Landlord battered to death – 07 Jul 2022

Victim was involved in litigation with suspects

A landlord, Akram Ali, was battered to death in his house.

According to police report, Amjad Ali and his brother, Akram Ali, had been involved in litigation with accused Waheed Aslam and others.

Twenty three accused, including Waheed Aslam, pounded on Amjad Ali and his brother after having barged into their house.

One of the intruders struck at the neck of Akram Ali. The injury was so fatal that Akram Ali died on the spot.

Police registered a case against 23 people under the provision of murder.

Incidents of murder over old enmities are not uncommon in the province.

In April this year, four people were killed in Khurrianwala when unidentified accused riding in a car opened fire on them and escaped.

Police identified the victims as Dildar, 40, Khalid, 24, Rana Shakeel, 35, and Qamar Bhatti, 30.

They had been relaxing outside the Madina Estate Agency near Sheikhupura Road when they came under attack from a white car.

Dildar and Khalid died on the spot.

Rescue 1122 personnel shifted Shakeel Ahmed and Qamar Bhatti to a hospital in a critical condition where they died after a life-and-death struggle.

According to the police, the victims were killed due to an old enmity.

Upon receiving the information about the incident, the DSP and the SHO of Kharrianwala, Usman Warraich and Roy Arshad respectively, arrived at the crime scene.

They supervised the shifting of the victims to the hospital.

SHO Roy Arshad reiterated the assertion that the victims had had an enmity with the “Lona Group”.

The killing of two people four months ago in Juranwala Kachhari was also a result of the same enmity, he said.

In May last year, at least three people were killed in Dijkot in separate incidents that allegedly occurred due to old enmities.

Police took the bodies into custody and handed them over to the heirs after postmortem.

After registering cases, the police started raids to arrest the nominated suspects.

According to the police, 40-year-old Atif Saeed was severely injured when suspects including Jawad Naseer and Badar Bhola opened fire on him to avenge a children’s quarrel. He was rushed to the Allied Hospital where he died.

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