Lahore: Two women raped – 21 Aug 2022

Two women were raped in separate incidents in the City, police said on Sunday. In the first incident, a 17- year-old woman was sexu ally assaulted in the limits of Nawab Town police sta tion. According to police, accused Babar Hassan, who belongs to Jhelum, barged into the house of the woman, who is a divorcee, and a mother of a two-year old girl. According to the woman, the accused held her daughter hostage at gunpoint and threatened to kill the child. Then he raped the woman. The woman, who works in houses in the Samsani area to earn her living, alleged that the influ ential accused and his fam ily were constantly threat ening her. She appealed to the po lice high ups to provide her and her daughter protection and award punishment to the accused. In the second incident, accused Muzam mil and Akram kidnapped a 20-year-old woman, a resi dent of Chungi Amar Sidhu, Kot Lakhpat. They took her to a secluded place and gang-raped her. —INP

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