Kidnapper-cum-killer of child gets death – 02 Jun 2022

MUZAFFARGARH: Anti-Terrorism Court No 2 Judge Sadiq Masood Sabir handed down death to a man on Wednesday in a kidnap-cum-murder case registered with the Gulgasht police, Multan.

The verdict also ordered the confiscation of movable and immovable property of convict Salman Nazir.

The Gulgasht police registered the kidnap case of 13-year-old Tayyab against Salman on May 31, 2012. The convict demanded a Rs20 million ransom from the captor`s family and later he killed Tayyab. The police added murder and terrorism clauses to the case,and the prosecution completed the chalan and submitted it to the court.

According to the FIR, complainant Muhammed Naeem Ansari alerted the police that his son Tayyab had been kidnapped.

URS: The 769th annual three-day annual urs of Shah Shams Tabriz Sabzwari, the great spiritual saint of the Indo-Pak Subcontinent, started at Dargah Alia, Multan.

People from several parts of Pakistan and the world come to the door of the saints to get spiritual peace and get the blessings of the saints. Commissioner Amir Khattak checked security arrangements and of fered prayers for the security and development of the country and the nation and the glory of Multan.

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