Jang Economic Session – 07 Nov 2022

‘Strong institutions a must for ending uncertainty’

By Our correspondent

LAHORE: The only solution to the growing uncertainty in the country is to create a healthy environment for education, health and technical education in the country by making institutions strong and efficient at all levels. Growing disappointment in every household due to political uncertainty is not a good omen.

These views were expressed by the discussants in the Jang Economic Session on “Experts opinion on Long March – government claims of improvement in economic conditions”. The panelists were Sohail Lashari, Pervaiz Hanif, Zeeshan Khalil, Rifat Malik and Sam Ali Dada while moderated by Sikindar Lodhi.

Sohail Lashari said that businesses were getting affected from where long march was passing and its better to do a sit-in while no political party has planned to bring the country out of current situation and demanding fresh election is baseless demand. Those countries prioritised the institutions are successful so that Pakistan should focus on the institutions development and make them independent. He suggested reducing the use of petrol and diesel and focus on forefathers’ business of agriculture instead of industry. The agriculture was an asset and it will be future for Pakistan.

Pervaiz Hanif said although the long march was not affecting the businesses much, but the uncertainty is high while the businesses were affected with the change of the political setup. Depreciation of currency, decrease in exports, economic crisis, the situation is quite serious, while in the past, the value of dollar, price of petrol, and wheat was affordable and today the situation is dangerous, price of petrol, flour is out of reach of commoners. In every era, there are changes but this time the changes have destroyed everything. He asked the politicians to stop the politics of selfishness and think about the public. The political parties are destroying each other and don’t know where we will stand tomorrow. The uncertainty is increasing day by day.

Zeeshan Khalil said the uncertainty adversely affects the business. Rupee depreciation, increase in the petrol and flour prices is creating difficult conditions for the businesses and commoners. Smuggling is the biggest obstacle to legal business. Both business and people are worried with the political manoeuvering. The whole population is at stake at the will of some people. There is no hope for good rather everyone is getting used to it.

Rifat Malik said Pakistan is our home. All political parties should sit together and find solutions to problems through mutual consultation. All problems can be solved through dialogue. Pakistan’s politics has not changed. Pakistan has a large number of youngsters and they should be taken on board for productive work instead of going on sit-ins. The wasteful expenditures of bureaucrats and politicians should be curtailed. The world is laughing at the chaos in Pakistan. The education is the solution to all these problems and should be focused on it.

Sam Ali Dada said the uncertainty destroyed the economy and the people. The nations cannot be strong unless the institutions are strong. The infighting of the institutions is affecting every sector without creating harmony in the institutions.

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