Intruder sparks panic by scaling girls` hostel wall

NAWABSHAH: Panic spread in the girls` hostel on the new campus of the Peoples Medical University of Medical and Health Sciences (PMUMHS) when a man trespassed on the facility late on Wednesday night.

The man climbed the boundary wall and jumped into the hostel.

Some students made video clips from their mobile phones which went viral and created disturbance among parents of the girls staying in the facility.

Private security guards of the university had already caught the man before arrival of police. Later, he was handed over to the police. Dr Naseerullah Aamir, director administration of the university, in a press release mentioned that a psychologically disturbed individual had attempted to climb the wall of the new campus hostel, but the guards apprehended and handed him over to the local police.

He stated that all the faculty members were present to provide support and assurance to the girl students, knowing the fear and concern that might have caused.

The safety and well-being of students, faculty and staff were of utmost importance and the university remained committed to maintaining a secure environment conducive to learning and personal growth, he added.

The press release stated that the institution would continue to uphold the security protocols and work closely with the local authorities to ensure safety and security on the campus.

The Shaheed Benazirabad SSP told media that the university guards caught the man and handed him over to police. He said the matter was not that big as was spread on social media.

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