HRCP for immediate ceasefire in Gaza

LAHORE: On concluding its biannual meeting, the governing council of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has passed a resolution expressing its deepest apprehension over the ceaseless violence in Gaza.

The resolution says that Israel`s determination to annihilate the civilian population in Gaza, without remorse and without accountability, is simply unaccept able. The fact that Israel has killed over 4,000 children, deliberately targeted hospitals and refugee camps, and imposed a siege that makes access to food, clean water, fuel and medical supplies virtually impossible, signals genocidal intent, it adds.

While Hamas` taking of hostages contravenes international law, the international community must not be lulled into accepting false balances,the resolution asserts.

The moral bankruptcy of the West, the lethargy of Muslim countries that claim to uphold the Palestinian cause and the inability of the United Nations to assert itself are causesforimmense concern for the way that this will shape the world in months to come, the resolution apprehends.

HRCP`s Council calls for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and urges the international community to use this tragedy to devise and implement a sustained peace process that puts civilians and their rights ahead of military paradigms.

HRCP also stands in solidarity with the hundreds of human rights defenders in the region who continue to monitor and document the situation at enormous risk to themselves, concludes the resolution.Staff Reporter

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