Hotel manager arrested for ‘recording nude videos of students, extortion’ – 16 Jul 2022

Suspect would secretly film young couples staying at Sahiwal hotel for dates and threaten to post the footage online

A hotel manager was arrested for allegedly extorting and blackmailing university students within the limits of Ghalla Mandi police station. Further allegations surfaced of the accused allegedly abusing girls who stayed at the hotel. The suspect would secretly record nude videos of students in his hotel rooms and threaten to post them on the ‘Dark Web’. Police have registered a case against him.

Male and female university students and other couples reportedly book rooms for dates at the aforementioned three-star hotel, situated near Bahirwala Ada.

The hotel manager drilled a hole in the door of some of the hotel rooms, in order to secretly film videos of couples staying there. The next day, the manager would reportedly blackmail the couple and extort them, asking them to bring the girl along.

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When the couple went to the manager, he would show them the explicit videos while demanding money and allegedly also raped the same girl, threatening to post the videos on the internet and the Dark Web on the girl’s refusal.

Earlier this week, a student took his fiancée to the same hotel, where the manager allegedly filmed explicit videos of them and blackmailed the student and demanded Rs150,000. The student said that he couldn’t pay that much so the manager threatened to post their video on the internet. The student caved to the manager’s demands, first giving him Rs70,000 in cash and paying the remaining Rs80,000 several days later.

Media representatives conveyed the matter to DPO Sahiwal Sadiq Baloch, who directed SHO Ghalla Mandi Mudassir to take action on the hotel manager. The SHO and his team raided the hotel and arrested the accused manager, identified as Nadeem and recovered over 30 explicit videos from his cellphone.

According to the SHO, the accused is still under interrogation and police are trying to track down any accomplices and associates. The accused had yet to upload any videos to the Dark Web or the internet. The SHO cited section 389 PPC in the case, adding that the sentence is 10 years. Further charges will be added after further progress in the investigation.

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