Health worker `assaulted` in Khanpur – 24 Feb 2023

HARIPUR: A health worker has accused a van driver and his unknown accomplice of raping her in Khanpur, police said here on Thursday.

SHO Khanpur police station Chanzeb Tanoli quoted the victim as saying that she was 19 and serving as a health worker in Taxila.

On Thursday, she got onto a Suzuki van from Taxila to reach her village Shahpur.

She was alone in the van and asked the driver to get him some water to drink who returned after ten minutes and gave her a glass of water.

She lost senses after drinking the water, the victim told police, adding that when she regained con-sciousness she was in a hotel room near Khanpur dam where the same driver, later identified as Adil, and his unknown friend raped her.

The alleged rapists, according to the complainant, later took her to another place in Haripur city from where she somehow managedtoneeandreachedthe Khanpur police station.

The police took the victim to the THQ Hospital Khanpurfor medical examination and as per preliminary medical findings the rape was confirmed, said the SHO, adding that driver Adil had been arrested while his co-accused was still at large. Correspondent

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