Haripur student dies of cardiac arrest – 21 Feb 2023

HARIPUR: A university student died reportedly of police scolding in the limits of Khanpur police station, witnesses and police said here on Monday.

According to Ahmad, a student of the Pak-Austria Fachhochschule: Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology, Mang, that he was traveling towards HIT Colony Taxila after the University time by motorcycle with his class fellow, Uneeb Ehsan, 18.

He told reporters and police that when they reached near the Khanpur Telephone Exchange a few yards ahead of Khanpur police station, he (Ahmed) started driving the motorbike in a zigzag manner.

He said that a police party at a picket a few yards from the Khanpur police station cautioned them to stop. He said when they stopped a head constable scolded the students over rash and wrong driving and threatened to take them to the police station.

“The head constable was scolding us in a typical manner that Uneeb took so seriously that he collapsed on the roadside,” Ahmed said, adding that he was removed to Tehsil Headquarter Hospital Khanpur where he expired shortly and the doctors on duty said that the cause of death was cardiac arrest.

Meanwhile when approached for comments the SHO Khanpur Chanzeb Tanoli confirmed the report that the police party at the picket stopped the two students when they caught them doing zigzag driving.

He said that the head constable scolded both of them for violating traffic rules but Uneeb suddenly collapsed and died soon after his shifting to hospital by the same police party. “The policemen did not even touch them and just scolded them warning of legal action if they were ever caught doing the same in future”, said Mr Tanoli.

The deceased was a 1st semester student of BS Computer Sciences and was on the way home after attempting the last paper, family sources said.

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