Govt employee’s house attacked with grenade in Peshawar – 09 Dec 2022

There was no loss of life or major damage to the property

The residence of a government employee has been attacked with hand grenades in Peshawar.

Police told The Express Tribune that in Hayatabad Phase I, Sector D, unidentified miscreants hurled hand grenades at the residence of Muhammad Khandad which exploded with a big bang, causing widespread panic.

“Luckily there is no loss of life or a major damage to property,” said an official of police, adding that a team of BDU inspected the site of the attack and an FIR has been registered in the case.

In a separate incident, in the jurisdiction of Pishtakhara police station Afridi Ghari unidentified persons threw a hand grenade at the house of Wazir who hails from Bara, Khyber tribal district but currently residing in Afridi Ghari.

“The device didn’t explode and there is no loss as a result. BDU was called who defused the grenade,” said the police official.

He said that grenade attacks were often the result of extortion cases which have been on the rise across the province in recent days.

“With the increase in terrorism cases, extortion has reared its ugly head once again,” he admitted, adding that most of the calls were being made from Afghan SIMs.

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