Girl dies allegedly from wrong injection

Victim was suffering from cough, mild flu.

DIJKOT: A four-year-old girl lost her life allegedly due to a wrong injection administered by medics in in Ramzanabad, Mansoorabad on Sunday.

The police have seized the body and initiated a case against the doctor, who is currently being sought after managing to escape from his clinic.

Zulfiqar Ali, a resident of Block-A, Amin Town, street number seven, filed the case with the Mansoorabad police, detailing the unfortunate events leading to the tragic demise of his granddaughter, Tuflika Urooj.

According to the complaint, the young girl was suffering from a cough and mild flu, prompting her mother, Ambreen, wife of Shehzad Ali, to take her to a clinic in Ramzanabad.

The doctor, after examining Tuflika Urooj, administered an injection, allegedly resulting in a deterioration of the child’s condition.

The granddaughter became unconscious, and despite efforts to rush her to the hospital, she tragically succumbed on the way. Dr Waqar managed to flee his clinic, taking the injection and syringe with him.

Upon arrival at the scene, the Mansoorabad police took custody of the deceased girl’s body and registered a case against Dr Waqar under section 322 of the Penal Code.

The authorities have now launched a search operation, conducting raids to apprehend the accused doctor and bring him to justice.

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