Gangsters or students? – 01 Mar 2023

Police must launch a crackdown to dismantle this group before it strengthens

In true lawlessness fashion, a gang consisting of up to 35 students has been spreading terror by torturing and beating up other students outside different schools across Lahore. The gang is known by the name ‘102’ and became infamous some time ago after they posted videos on social media platforms of the ordeal inflicted on by them. Their viral videos and the ever-spreading fear in different schools have caught the attention of law enforcement agencies which now plan to take action for their immediate arrest. For starters, two students have been arrested for allegedly torturing a young man while other gang members are being actively tracked down.

One must seriously question either the state of education in our country or the morals that our society is instilling into upcoming generations. This incident makes it clear that bullying and physical violence remain a prevalent problem among teenagers and young adults in Pakistan. Educational institutions have failed to address the issue as they are either busy minting money through exorbitant fee or focused more on children’s grades rather than trying to make them well-rounded human beings. Lessons of respect, behaviour and responsibility of yourself and others no longer find their way in classrooms which is a shame. While the details of these gang members are yet to be ascertained, it seems from the video that many belong to well-off background. This too is no surprise considering the rampant feudal mentality where powerful and influential families believe they are above the law and others are for their own exploitation and entertainment. What is alarming is that this is not just a gang of five or six individuals, rather 35 young minds believe they can roam around the city and torture others on sight.

Such behaviour cannot be tolerated at any cost and the police must launch a crackdown to dismantle this group before it strengthens. Punishment should take a rehabilitative approach as traditional methods would only make them more of a rebel.

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