Four women murdered in separate incidents

RAWALPINDI: At least four brutal murders of women were reported in three seperated incidents within a span of six hours in Rawalpindi district.

In two of those incidents, family members were responsible for the brutal act. In the third insident, a 70-year-old shepherd woman was bludgeoned to death with a heavy object.

In the first incident, police arrested a man for murdering his 14-year-old daughter in the Wah Cantt area on Wednesday. Police said the accused, Maqsood, killed his daughter with a sharp-edged object, adding the man appeared to be mentally ill.

In the second incident, a man shot dead his two sisters in an act of sororicide in the Mastala area of Jatli in Gujar Khan district, local police said. According to Jatli police, accused Rizwan shot hisd two sisters – Nazia Noreen and Sadia Noreen. Police siad the search for the two accused was underway.

In the third incident, a 70-year-old woman was killed for grazing goats in a forest. This murder also took place in Jatli. According to initial probe, accused Abid Zia and Abdul had told the victim not to graze her goats in the forest in the future. However, she went there the next day as usual.  It resulted in a heated exchange, police said, during which the two accused struck the old lady with a heavy object that led to her death.

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