Four held for killing friend – 20 May 2022

TOBA TEK SINGH: Gojra police resolved a kidnap-cummurder case of a citizen of Gojra and arrested four suspects in the case.

One Abida Perveen of Chak 322-JB had lodged a case on April 22, stating that her brother, Imdad Hussain, was missing and suspected that he might have been kidnapped by someone.

District Police Officer Najeebur Rehman Bagvi said police had arrested a suspect from Faisalabad through geofencing who told the investigators that he and his seven accomplices had friendship with Imdad but a dispute developed with him. They kidnapped Imdad, tortured him to death and dumped his body into a canal near Faisalabad.

The four arrested suspects were identified as Taimoor Bajwa, Waqar Jatt, Mazhar Jatt and Faisal Munir.

THEATRE: To create awareness on the harms of overpopulation, the local Population Welfare Department (PWD) organised the Rafi Peer Theatre`s Putli Tamasha.

PWD district officer Muhammad Naeem said the event was held to mobilise the population of the district, especially of the rural areas, and raise awareness on various issues, including the family planning and the concept of small family size.

He said scores of people, including teachers and students, watched tamasha and theatre was an effective means for conveying a message to change the people`s behaviour. Correspondent

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