Foreign national woman ‘torched to death’

Son alleges tenant behind mother’s death.


A 42-year-old US citizen woman was torched to death in Gujrat, his son has alleged, accusing a tenant claiming to be her husband of murdering her.

Rashida Bibi, a resident of Model Town in Gujrat, was transported in a precarious condition to Lahore. Doctors said over 65 per cent of her body had been burnt and her life could not be saved.

A son of the deceased, Saqlain Yousuf, who lives in Lahore, lodged a complaint in the Rehmania police station under Section 302 of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) against her tenant Kamran Ali, a resident of Samahni.

The complainant stated that Kamran lived in the lower portion of the house, while the victim resided on the upper floor along with her son, daughters and grandchildren.

He stated that the suspect had informed him by text message that his mother was sick and under treatment at Jinnah Hospital in Lahore 10 days ago.

When he reached the hospital, he found out that his mother had suffered burn injuries. She passed away on August 26 after fighting for her life for several days.

He alleged that the suspect had come up with a Nikahnama with the deceased, who was his and his two brothers’ mother.

He said the marital status of his mother had been written single on the marriage certificate, although she had married his father Muhammad Yousuf of Phalia 22 years ago. The complainant contended that his mother had not died accidentally, but had been murdered, and the suspect had also taken her jewellery, United States passport, bank cards and other documents.

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