Five-year-old boy killed during armed clash in Shikarpur – 05 Feb 2023

SUKKUR: A five-year-old boy caught in crossfire died when two rival groups fought a gun battle in Habib Jatoi village within the limits of the Rustam area on the outskirts of Shikarpur on Saturday.

According to the police, the groups belonging to the Jatoi tribe, had been embroiled in an old dispute and attacking each other`s members for some time. On Saturday, the two sides exchanged fire during which a five-year-old boy, Talib, sustained bullet wounds and died instantly.

Brawl leaves man dead A man was killed and another one was injured during a brawl on a trivial matter in the Bachal Shah Miyani area within the limits of the Airport police station of Sukkur on Saturday.

According to the police, both the groups belonged to the Jatoi tribe.

They first engaged in a heated argument and then took out firearms and resorted to shooting. One of them, Ali Jan Jatoi, sustained fatal bullet wounds, they said, adding that another man, Suleman Badani Jatoi was also wounded.

The body was taken to the Sukkur Civil Hospital for legal formalities.

The wounded man was admitted for treatment.

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