Five killed in pile-up due to fog – 08 Jan 2023

TOBA TEK SINGH: Five people, including three brothers, were killed and four others injured critically on Saturday in Faisalabad’s Samundri tehsil on Dijkot-Gojra Road near Chak 271-RB Lahrian in a pile-up between three cars due to heavy fog.

Rescue 1122 officials said two cars that were part of a wedding procession were going from Gojra to Samundri. When the driver of one car was overtaking the other, a third vehicle coming from the opposite direction collided head-on with both the cars. As a result, nine passengers of all three cars were injured critically out of whom five died instantly.

The deceased were identified as brothers Muzaffar Raheem, Rashid Raheem and Hamza Raheem, Safdar Hussain and his son Subhan Safdar. The four injured were shifted to Allied and DHQ hospitals and were identified as Safdar’s wife Rukhsana Bibi and son Ahmad Safdar, Maqsood Ahmad and Abdul Majeed.

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