Female-centred transport – 10 Mar 2023

A private transport company has initiated the launch of a new ‘women-driven motorbike service’

There is another good news for the female commuters of Karachi. After the first ever women-only bus service launched by the Sindh government, a private transport company has initiated the launch of a new “women-driven motorbike service” in the bustling city. Through this, the company’s female clientele will have access to an affordable, safe and reliable means of transport amid rising inflation.

The ultimate goal is to create a society where females no longer have to rely on their parents or spouses to commute, and can fearlessly travel across the city for work or leisure. Such projects are primarily important to uplift and empower women by making them more independent. For majority of women, commuting through traditional means can be a traumatic experience as countless instances of harassment occur every day, making it highly unsafe. Therefore, until society learns how to treat and respect women, female-only services are necessary to mitigate the daily challenges they face. Apart from this, the initiative will help provide females with jobs during times of severe economic distress. By signing up as a female bike captain, they can earn a good sum of money in a convenient way every month. Financial independence is the most important step towards empowerment. The initiative will also help break stereotypes and gender roles that women cannot and should not drive. Through this women-centred approach, more women will be urged to learn how to ride bikes and cars — an important modern-day skill — and this will slowly help normalise the idea of female drivers in society.

Women must now take charge of this and build their own social community to encourage those from less-privileged background to opt for such services. The stronger their community the more they can help empower and protect each other. It is hoped that the same project is extended to other cities across the country.

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