Family protests after young servant’s death – 31 Jan 2023

Police launch investigation after road blockade by demonstrators

A young servant who worked for a landlord in Niamoana was found dead under suspicious circumstances.
His family, convinced of foul play, staged a protest by placing the body on a busy road, blocking traffic and demanding justice.
Accusing the employer of murder, they refused to move until the police took action. As the news of the incident spread, police officers arrived on the scene and engaged in negotiations with the griev-ing family.
Eventually, they persuaded the protesters to disperse and took possession of young Hasan’s body. The police launched an investigation into the mysterious death, with the employer reportedly being the prime suspect.
According to the polices, the 16-year-old employee, Hasan, son of Nazeer Ahmad, a resident of Pindi Kachhari Mandyanwala, was employed at Riaz Hussain’s house in Niamoana. Hasan’s relatives had left him to work at the house where he was later found dead. Initial reports suggested he had taken his own life by hanging himself in the outhouse. However, the family were convinced that their loved one had been murdered and staged to look like a suicide.

Our Correspondent

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