Family finds deranged girl`s body `defiled` – 06 May 2022

GUJRAT: Unidentified suspects desecrated the body of a mentally challenged girl by exhuming it a day af ter she was buried in a graveyard of Chak Kamala village.

Reports said an 18-year old girl who was mentally and physically ill had died on Wednesday and was laid to rest in a local graveyard. Her family members visited the graveyard on Thursday and found the body lying nearby.

Police have registered a case against unidentihed suspects under section 297 of Pakistan Penal Code on the report of Abdul Khaliq, a maternal uncle of the deceased, and started investigation.

A spokesman for the Gujrat police said a team of forensic experts collected evidence from the crime scene whereas DPO Umar Salamat had directed the SP investigation to monitor the case.

ROAD ACCIDENTS: As many as 400 road accidents involving motorbikes have been reported at the Aziz BhattiShaheed Teaching Hospital during three days of Eid.

Two youngsters were received dead in the hospital after they fell a victim to accidents, sources in ABSTH told Dawn here on Thursday.

Dr Abid Ghauri, the medical superintendent, said 202 road accidents were reported to the hospital on the first day and 115 and 94 incidents were reporte d in the next two days. A youngster from Lakhanwal village and another from city`s Garhi Ahmedabad area lost their lives.

He said that on Thursday around 230 patients of diarrhoea and 30 each with abdominal pain and fever had also been treate d in the hospital which remained under immense pressure of the patients during the Eid holidays when usually the private hospitals provide less services.

Rescue 1122 sources said the ratio of road accidents was alarming especially those involving the motorcyclists who drive without wearing safety helmets as well as taking risk of travelling with women and children.

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