‘Doctor’s negligence’ claims toddler’s life

Haider didn’t regain consciousness after having been anesthetised.

MIANWALI: Three-year-old Syed Shah Mir Haider, who had failed to gain consciousness after having been administered anesthesia before an orthopedic surgery and was pronounced dead, was buried in his hometown amid an atmosphere of gloom.

Several days ago, Haider, had had an arm fractured and was taken to a private hospital for the surgery.

The child was administered anesthesia and the surgery was performed.

However, the child didn’t regain consciousness after the surgery and went into a coma.

The toddler’s father, Samar Abbas Shah, who worked at the Agritech Fertilizer Factory in Iskanderabad and resided in Kandian, said that Haider was shifted to the DHQ Hospital Mianwali in a critical condition where doctors referred the child to the Holy Family Hospital in Rawalpindi.

The child died at the Holy Family Hospital in Rawalpindi.

Samar Abbas Shah alleged that his son died due to negligence of the doctors of the private hospital where he had undergone the operation for his fractured arm.

Shah said that his child had not been administered anesthesia properly.

The heirs of Syed Shah Mir Haider have appealed to the Punjab chief minister to take action against the doctors.

Meanwhile, The Express Tribune has learnt that the doctor who had administered anesthesia was not a specialist in his field.

When this correspondent contacted him by telephone, he refused to comment on the matter and hung up.

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