Doctor booked after death of boy in Haripur private clinic – 01 May 2022

HARIPUR: The police booked a doctor for allegedly administering a wrong injection to a 12-year-old boy, which caused his death during treatment at a private clinic here on Saturday.

Saddar police quoted Maqsood Khan, a resident of Alooli village of Sera-i-Nehmat Khan union council as saying that his son, Zaheer Khan, 12, complained of colic pain after Sehr.

`On the advice of some villagers I took the boy to a private clinic where a medical practitioner, namely Dr Maqsood, examined him and administered him with a drip.

The doctor also put a couple of injections into the drip,` the complainant told the police, saying that after a while the boy`s condition worsened, but the doctor kept consoling him that his condition would improve. However, the boy breathed his last after some time, he told the police. The complainant accused Dr Maqsood of professional negligence, which caused his son`s death. The police shifted the deceased to the Haripur Trauma Centre, where the autopsy was conducted.

Later, they registered a case against the doctor, who has managed to escape.


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