Dismembered body found stuffed in bag – 08 Apr 2023

Neighbours alerted police after foul smell emitted from victim’s home

Police on Friday found body of a woman in a bag inside her home.

They said she had been killed by unidentified assailants. Police sources said some unidentified persons broke into the victim’s house in Mohallah Ghulab Shah when she was alone.

They not only killed her but also chopped off the body into pieces with a sharp-edged weapon.

The woman was identified as 48-year-old Nasreen Bibi, the sources said, adding that the neighbours had informed the city police station when they detected foul smell emitting from her home.

Upon receiving the information, police reached the spot and shifted the body to the DHQ Hospital, where it was confirmed that the corpse was three days old.

Police have registered a case and opened their investigation. In the month of July 2020, a decapitated body of a girl was found in Pul Dangro Canal.

Local people had informed the police after seeing the body of the girl aged about 25 floating in Pul Dangro Canal in Nishatabad.

Police had pulled the body out of the canal and discovered that it did not have a head. The head had been chopped off by unidentified persons with a sharp tool, and the body had been thrown into the canal.

A number of cases of murders of unidentified men and women by unknown assailants and dumping of bodies in the canals have been reported in the past.

The bodies of 67 people were recovered from the canals in the period from 2014 to 2020.

Also in 2020, body of an unidentified woman was recovered from the canal in Jaranwala.

Rescuers took the body out of the canal and informed the police. Reportedly, the citizens were in a state of panic over the incidents of bodies being recovered from canals in Jaranwala and its environs.

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