Death of newborn sparks protest – 07 Jul 2022

Protestors alleged that the case was handled by a junior doctor

Relatives of a newborn baby who died at a private hospital launched a protest against the doctor who dealt with the case, alleging that the baby died due to negligence.

Nida, wife of Muhammad Waseem, was brought to a private hospital for delivery at 11 o’clock in the afternoon on Wednesday.

However, the baby died soon after the delivery. This led to a protest at the hospital by dozens of people, including the father of the baby, who alleged that the baby died due to negligence by the doctor.

The protestors alleged that the case was handled by a junior doctor.

When the administration of the hospital failed to handle with the protestors, they summoned help from the police who arrived on the spot and negotiated with the protesters and assured them of an inquiry to ascertain the facts.

The protestors dispersed after the assurance by the police.

In May this year, a controversy surrounded death of one-and-a-half-year-old infant at the New District Headquarters Hospital in Lodhran.

The infant’s father had alleged that his daughter died due to the “negligence” and “carelessness” of the doctors.

The family then demanded justice from the administration and action against the hospital staff.

As the news of the incident appeared in the media, the chief minister took notice of the plea made by the infant’s family for justice.

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