Crime rate on the rise in Bahawalnagar

Over 90 people were killed, and more than 150 murder attempts made in 2023.

BAHAWALNAGAR: Bahawalnagar witnessed a massive increase in crime rate last year. The recent inflation and economic conditions of the country have not only affected the lifestyle of the people, but it has also become difficult for the common citizen to provide for their family’s livelihood. In view of this situation, there was an increase in street crimes in Bahawalnagar district last year compared to previous years, which is very disappointing for the law and order situation of the district.

According to sources, most of the crimes in the district were committed at gunpoint. In most cases, robbers had reportedly deprived citizens of cash and valuables at gunpoint. About 14,500 crime incidents were reported last year. Police sources told The Express Tribune that Chishtian Tehsil was completely under the control of the politicians. The whole year, from DSP to constable were appointed allegedly at the behest of the politicians due to which the worst kind of mismanagement was observed in the Tehsil. Despite the zero-tolerance policy against crime announced by the newly-appointed District Police Officer (DPO), the wide-spread robbing of citizens by criminals is a question mark on the law and order situation. Sources said that more than 93 civilians were killed last year, and more than 150 murder attempts were also reported in 2023.

More than 170 cases of rape were also reported during the year.

Along with six incidents of kidnapping of civilians for ransom, civilians were deprived of cash and valuables in more than 550 incidents at gunpoint. Three police stations also came under attack. Motorcycles are now an economic means of travelling for middle and lower middle class people. Motorcycle companies also doubled the prices of the two-wheelers due to which the burden of theft on the people had also become doubled. Statistics show that around 1,050 motorcycles were stolen.

According to an estimate, more than 170 cases of rape and 35 cases of molestation of minor girls were reported last year. An increase in cases of abduction of women and children was also observed. Last year, 850 cases of Illegal arms possession, nine cases of murder during robbery, five cases of acid attacks, 20 cases of alleged police encounters and six incidents of extortion were reported. In operations against narcotics, police recovered over 22,772 grams of heroin, 392,602 grams of hashish, 10,269 grams of opium and 35,156 liters of liquor. OUR CORRESPONDENT

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