Covid surge – 19 Jul 2022

RECENT Covid-19 fatality numbers should be a cause of great alarm for health authorities in the country. In spite of the threat that these figures pose, regarding the rapid resurgence of the virus over the past month or so, little has changed in terms of the public`s response to what can potentially snowball into a major health emergency. Given the continuing negligence and complacency, it was not surprising that 10 people succumbed to Covid this past Saturday the highest single-day death toll recorded since March 3 this year. The same day, 737 people tested positive for the virus, while 189 were reported to be in criticalcare.Itis understood that the prevalentstrains ofthe coronavirus are milder than those that had wreaked havoc last year and the year before. However, this should not be taken by the authorities to mean that any outbreak of Covid can be taken lightly. These recent numbers show that brushing the matter under the carpet can prove fatal to those unfortunate souls whose immune systems may be compromised and who are unable to deal with an illness that, in its most dangerous form, has caused millions of deaths across the world.

With political uncertainty has recently become a major distraction for our decision-makers, the fight against Covid should not be interrupted. There is too much at stake. Both the provincial and federal health authorities need to shake off their sloth and adopt greater urgency in their plans to limit the spread of the disease.

Merely asking people to cover up, maintain social distance and wash their hands is not going to bear the desired results. There should be stronger enforcement of Covid protocols, especially in those areas where positivity rates are higher than the national average. Most of the deaths on Saturday occurred in Sindh, where urban centres, especially Karachi, had been reporting high positivity rates. The health authorities can be better prepared if containment responses are properly planned and enforced.

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