Couple murdered over free-will marriage

RAWALPINDI: A shocking incident un-folded in the jurisdiction of the Airport police station as a married couple was murdered in cold blood for marrying against family will. According to a spokesperson for the police, Hasnain Raza, brother of the deceased Ali Raza, revealed that his thirty-eight-year-old brother had tied the knot with his sister-in-law, Iman, approximately a year and a half ago. This marked All Raza’s second marriage, with his first union taking place around twelve years earlier. At the time of the horrific incident, Ali Raza had been residing with his first wife, while his second wife, Iman, shared a home with him and his uncle in a private housing society in Dhoke Ratta. The tragic turn of events began when Iman’s mother, Saima, informed the complainant’s uncle that both All Raza and Iman had been shot and were en route to the hospital. Upon arriving at the hospital, they found the victims in the hospital’s morgue with their bodies marred by violence. The complainant said that his sister-in-law’s uncle, Jameel, and his brother, Tabish, are responsible for this heinous act because All Raza and Iman chose to marry of their own free will.


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