Couple dies of suffocation on wedding night – 25 May 2023

KASUR: A newlywed couple was found lifeless in their bed on their wedding night in Kharaipar in the jurisdiction of Ganda Singh police.

The cause of their demise was determined to be the smoke emitted from a generator that had been running in their room due to a power outage.

Muhammad Sharafat tied the knot with his cousin, Shahzadi Bibi, on Tuesday in the same village. To cope with the electricity shortage during the nighttime, the family rented a generator, which was placed inside the room.

The room had been closed from inside, causing the smoke from the generator to fill the space and claim the lives of the young couple.

The family came to know about their death early on Wednesday.

Both the groom`s and bride`s families have declined to pursue anylegal action or request an autopsy. They also provided written statements to the local police regarding the incident.

POWER CONNECTION: The power supply to two shrines and 12 public offices in the Lesco civil area has been disconnected due to their substantial outstanding utility bills, amounting to millions.

According to sources at Lesco, Superintendent Engineer Muhammad Asghar Sukhaira ordered disconnection of power to these defaulting entities.

Sud-Division Officer Rashid Mahmood Awan stated that multiple notices had been served on the defaulters, urging them to settle their current and outstanding balances, but their efforts had been in vain.

Among the offices affected by the disconnection are the shrines of Bulleh Shah and Kamal Chishti, as well as the Punjab Food Control Authority, Agriculture Laboratory, Civil Defence, and vocational centre.

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