‘Children’s educational future top priority’ – 13 Jan 2023

New schools will be opened on 51 sites across Punjab

On the approval of Managing Director Punjab Education Foundation (PEF) Manzar Javed Ali, the fourth phase of the Initiative to Replace Cancelled Schools (IRCS) was launched. New schools will be opened on 51 sites across Punjab.

Through the programme, applications will be accepted from across the province to open new schools in areas where partnerships of several institutions were previously cancelled, under programmes such as Foundation Assisted School (FAS), Education Voucher Scheme (EVS) and New School Programmes (NSP).

Aiming to protect the academic future of children in those towns, MD accorded approval to the recommendation for the opening of new schools.

Under the project, school owners on the sites of recently cancelled schools will be able to submit applications requesting acceptance. Incomplete applications will not be entertained, but those rejected in previous phases are encouraged to apply.

The deadline for submission of the online applications is January 27.

Interested candidates are also required to submit the documents to the respective programme directors at PEF head office by January 30.

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