AGHS Legal Aid Cell has a staunch commitment to safeguarding and advocating for the rights of children in Pakistan. With a focus on family law, AGHS provides comprehensive legal support and representation for children involved in custody, inheritance, and child marriage cases. AGHS ensures that children’s best interests are prioritized, their rights are protected, and they are safeguarded from any form of abuse or harm.

AGHS actively works towards ending child marriage in Pakistan, providing legal representation to victims seeking to nullify such unions, and ensuring children are protected from forced marriage and related harms. The organization offers counselling services to help girls and their families resist social pressures that often lead to early marriage.

Furthermore, AGHS works tirelessly to raise awareness and advocate for the rights of juvenile boys and girls in Pakistan’s prisons. AGHS provides legal representation to juveniles facing charges or convicted of crimes and advocates for their fair treatment in the criminal justice system. The organization also strives to prevent juveniles’ exposure to abuse or exploitation while in detention and works towards improving their access to education, rehabilitation, and other essential services to safeguard their physical and mental well-being.

AGHS Legal Aid Cell is dedicated to promoting and protecting the rights of children in Pakistan through legal assistance, advocacy, and policy reform efforts.

AGHS Led Action Regarding Abduction of more than 600 Children in the Province of Punjab

Suo Motu notice was taken by the Supreme Court of Pakistan to enquire into the sudden abduction of over 600 children in the Province of Punjab in 2016. AGHS was asked to assist the Supreme Court on the subject as amicus curiae. The organization submitted a detailed report with its findings and recommendations and also referred multiple cases of missing children to the Court during the case.