Child, teenager among four raped in Dijkot – 20 May 2022

A girl was tricked into visiting a locality from where she was waylaid and raped

A 12-year-old child and a teenager were among four people raped in Dijkot on Thursday, police said.

They said that complainant Shaukat Ali told Razaabad Police Station that accused Owais allegedly tricked his daughter into visiting Kaleem Shaheed Colony from where he took her to a house and sexually abused her at gunpoint.

In another case, police said that accused Afzal lured a 12-year-old child, promising her of money, while she had been on her way to collect ration from a house in D-Ground area of People’s Colony and raped her.

In Chak No. 233 RB, a 14-year-old teenager was raped by accused Ali and two others while in Chak No. 434 GB, accused Khizar Hayat and Allah Datta raped a woman.

Police registered separate cases against the accused and started searching for them.

Just a day before in Khurrianwala, a woman had lodged a complaint with the police in which she alleged that her husband had sexually abused her 11-year-old daughter from a previous marriage.

According to police, the complainant, Nusrat Parveen, stated in her case that her husband, Sajjad Ahmed, had sexually abused his stepdaughter.

She alleged that Sajjad would often secretly mix their food with some sleeping pills that made them fall asleep.

Nusrat Parveen said that when she woke up at 11pm on May 15 to have some water she saw her husband had been sexually assaulting his stepdaughter.

The complainant said that she screamed at the top of her voice which alerted the neighbours who gathered in her house to catch Sajjad, but before they could do so the suspect escaped.

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