Child protection bureau seeks help to reunite children with parents – 14 Apr 2023

Bureau chief says most children involved in begging

Rawalpindi Child Protection and Welfare Bureau has asked citizens to help trace the families of eleven abandoned and runaway children currently under the bureau’s custody.

According to CPWB District Officer Ali Abid Naqvi, the bureau has sought help after the failure of its efforts to find the heirs and relatives of the children.

He said that the CPWB had rescued 11 abandoned children from different highways and markets and transferred them to the bureau’s shelter homes.

Most of them, he said, were involved in begging and they could have been victims of various crimes including sexual exploitation due to their young age.

The children were taken into the relevant department’s protective custody and then transferred to the bureau, he added.

Naqvi also said the children have been provided with accommodation, food, and other necessities of life along with education and special training.

Ali Abid Naqvi said every member of society has to play their role in searching for the parents of these children.

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