Capital to have smart traffic control system – 13 Nov 2022

Designers brief that intelligent traffic management system will be capable of detecting, reducing traffic load

To overcome the issues of traffic jams and accidents, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has decided to launch an intelligent traffic management system capable of effectively detecting and reducing the overall density of traffic in urban centres.

According to a statement issued by the civic body, a meeting regarding the introduction of an intelligent traffic system was held under CDA Chairman Captain (R) Muhammad Usman Younis on Saturday. The meeting was attended by Member Engineering, Member Planning, Islamabad Deputy Commissioner, SSP Traffic and other officers of the CDA.

In the meeting, students from the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) gave a presentation regarding an intelligent traffic management system.

Previously, a similar presentation of the engineering students had gone viral on social media, upon which the CDA chief had called the students to the CDA headquarters for briefing to see if the idea could be materialised.

The designers briefed that the intelligent traffic management system will be capable of effectively detecting and reducing traffic load.

The technology-based system will be equipped with wireless sensor networks and surveillance cameras among other to manage the traffic effectively, they said, adding that cameras will be installed at each signal which will automatically turn green or red by monitoring the traffic volume.

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