Brutal torture of two women `by rivals in land dispute` in Umerkot village – 12 Feb 2023

UMERKOT: Two of the eight suspects nominated in an FIR pertaining to the brutal torture of two women were arrested by the Dhoronaro police on Saturday.

A video that went viral on the social media showed the eight suspects subjecting the two women, Najma Nohari, wife of Ibrahim Nohad, and Latifa Nohad, wife of Mumtaz Nohad, to severe beating and the women crying foul. It showed that the suspects dragged the screaming victims into the nearby jungle area by pulling them from hair before beating them up until the victims fainted.

Area residents said that the victims` families had a dispute over a piece of land in Khunhar village near Dhoronaro with those of the suspects. Both sides belonged to the Nohari community. They confirmed that the incident of torture took place on Friday (Feb 10).

As soon as the video went viral on the social media, adviser to the chief minister on human rights Surrender Valasai and Education Minister Syed Sardar Shah took notice of the incident and ordered arrest of the culprits.

Accordingly, an FIR against the eight men was registered at the Dhoronaro police station and two of the suspects, Sobdar Nohari and Khamiso Nohri, were arrested.

The Umerkot SSP ordered an inquiry into the whole episode after which DSP Iqbal Mangrio along with a police team proceeded to the village to make arrests.

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