Boy ‘tortured’ by uncle over use of mobile phone – 06 Feb 2023

Teenager was allegedly locked up in room until police arrived to rescue him

Motra area people sought police’s help when a woman in the neighbourhood told them that her brother-in-law had beaten up her 13-year-old son, Abdul Rehman, in her absence and had him locked up in a room.

She told the people that she had begged her brother-in-law for mercy but in vain.

Abdul Rehman’s mother told the people that her son’s only folly was that he had taken his uncle’s mobile phone to play a game on it, but his uncle accused him of stealing his mobile phone.

Police arrived at the boy’s house and secured his freedom.

They took the uncle of the child to the police station, kept him there for a while and then released him.

A resident of the village alleged that the boy’s uncle tortures the family every day and fights with the villagers as well.

He said that the victim’s family would not seek police action against him out of fear because they were weak. Police said that they could not take any action against the man until a formal application was lodged with them.

Meanwhile, Ahmed Cheema, district officer of the Child Protection Bureau, said that since the child’s parents were not filing the FIR due to fear, “we are filing an application with the Motra Police Station for the protection of the child”.

Cheema said that he would visit the child’s home to see his parents.

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