Boy ‘tortured’ by madrassa teacher

A mentally ill man dug up graves of children.

VEHARI: A madrassa teacher allegedly tortured a 13-year-old student, kept him locked in a room and beat him with sticks. Due to injuries to his back and legs, the student lost his ability to walk.

DPO Vehari took notice of the incident and the accused has been booked and arrested. According to the details, 13-year-old Majid Sultan used to study the Holy Quran at Madrasah Ghousia in Chak No. 69 WB.

On Saturday evening, he attended his studies but did not memorise the lesson. The madrasa teacher, Hafiz Muhammad Tahir allegedly beat him with a bamboo stick and locked him in a room.

Being locked in the room and after being tortured, the condition of the student deteriorated.

His brother, Jabir, released him from the room, upon which the teacher escaped the scene.

As soon as the incident was reported, DPO Esa Sukhaira took stern notice of the incident.

SHO Mitro police station Amjad Siddique Dhillon said that Qari Tahir has been arrested after registering a case against the accused under sections 328A and 342 of the Penal Code. Legal action has been initiated against the accused.

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