Baloch rights activist goes missing – 10 Mar 2023

ISLAMABAD: A Baloch rights activist has been missing from the capital since Wednesday.

Talking to Dawn,Lok SujagManaging Editor Tahir Mehdi said Abid Mir was doing PhD from Numl and was in Islamabad for the last a couple of months. He said Mir is also the Balochistan editor of Lok Sujag andan Urdu language teacher at a college.

Mir’s family had contacted him at around 5:15pm on Wednesday, Mehdi said, adding according to his brother there was also a mobile phone contact between Mir and his wife at around 6:15pm the same day.

Khalid said a complaint over his brother’s disappearance had been lodged at the Ramna police station. The police received the complaint, but so far have not registered a case, he added.

His last location was traced to G-10 from where he disappeared, he added.

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