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Deadly air – 01 Dec 2022

Out of the 7 million who die of air pollution worldwide, 4.2 million die from exposure to air pollution and smog Low-income developing countries around the world have always suffered from the problem of pollution. The onset of climate change has aggravated the effects to an extent that it is severely affecting and jeopardising human […]

Gruesome murders – 01 Dec 2022

In Pakistan acts of domestic violence are considered a family matter, especially by the police In yet another gruesome instance of violence against women, a husband allegedly slaughtered his wife and three daughters in Karachi’s Shamsi Society before turning the kitchen knife on himself. Miraculously, the suspect himself survived and was taken to JMPC with […]

Ban on polythene bags flouted – 01 Dec 2022

Despite its pollution woes, Punjab has failed to curtail dependency on plastic LAHORE: Given the province’s struggles with controlling pollution, one would imagine that a province wide polythene bag is strictly enforced but that is not the case in Punjab, where consumers and retailers both cannot seem to end their reliance on plastic shopping bags. […]

Save the reef – 01 Dec 2022

As the UN warns that one of Unesco’s World Heritage Sites is in danger, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, due to climate change, the Australian authorities are fighting to avoid the ‘danger’ warning. World Heritage Sites are usually places that attract a huge amount of tourist attention and are given the rating built on natural beauty […]

Exploiting climate diplomacy – 01 Dec 2022

IN recent years, climate diplomacy has become important for countries like Pakistan that are surrounded by a challenging security environment and changing climate. As recently observed at the 27th climate summit held in Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt, it has helped Pakistan re-engage with the world community, project its gentler image, leverage its soft power, […]