Attock police begin issuing driving licences to transgender persons

ATTOCK: For the first time in the history of Attock, transgender persons were issued driving licences for motorcycles and cars by the traffic police, paving the way for them to earn a respectable livelihood, it emerged on Friday.

Attock Traffic Police (ATP) has begun issuing learner permits to members of the transgender community from the Tahaffuz Centre for Vulnerable Transgender in police lines.

Talking to newsmen, spokesman fortrattic police Faisal Shah said that a permanent licence will be issued following the issuance of the learner`s permit. `The driver`s licence issuance process is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week,` he added. This pioneering step not only provides economic opportunities but also promotesinclusivityandrespectwithin society, said in-charge traffic at Attock district DSP Tahir Abbas.

He said that under the special directives of the Punjab inspector general of police, Attock traffic police initiated a transformative approach by issuing driving licences to transgender persons, enabling them to secure dignified employment. `Hopefully, the steps would help resolve the financial hardships of transgender people,` he added.

Talking to newsmen on this occa-sion, the members of the transgender community thanked the traffic police for establishing Tahaffuz centres across the province and issuing them driver licences. They were of the view that this remarkable initiative of the Punjab police will not only have a positive impact on their recognition and respect within the community, but it will also pave the way for increased employment opportunities as well as elevated societal status. Correspondent

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