Annual General Meeting and Certificate Distribution

The annual general meeting of paralegals was held on 31st August 2019. This is the most important event in the calendar of paralegal training program. All groups prepare a small skit on the laws and issues they have been taught in their training. Each group discussed the issue and choose their own topic .The basic line given to them was to identify an issue,show the reaction and opinion of the people surrounding the issue and then intervention of a paralegal on finding a solution hrough contacting related department,institution and law about it.Group A choose the sensitive topic of women being cutt off from their inheritance by their male members of the family.Group B dealt with sexual abuse of child labour and Group C took up the issue of child marriage and right of education of girls.Group D highlighted the problem of girls facing sexual harassment at every step from going out in the public and face sexual harassment.Group E went further ahead with sexual harassment of students by their male teachers.Group F uncovered facts about domestic violence being shrouded in society norms and ghastly customs.

The community Centers put up a Tableau on the rising atrocities faced by our Kashmiri neighbors.One of the Community supervisor also read a poem on it.

The ceremony was concluded by Nida Aly ,the Executive Director AGHS Legal Aid Cell. She appreciated the trainees on their performances and also thanked them for taking part in such a program and hoped that in future they would help their neighbors or relatives in their need of an hour.Afterwards she gave out certificates to all the paralegal trainees.