Ahmadis dissociate themselves from polls

LAHORE: The Ahmadiyya community on Thursday dissociated itself from the upcoming elections.

`Although the elections are ostensibly being held under a joint electorate, a separate voter list is prepared only for Ahmadi citizens due to their faith,` a spokesperson for the community said in a press release.

`Currently there is one voters` list that includes voters from all religiousgroups including Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Zoroastrians, and Sikhs, whereas in the case of Ahmadis, a separate voterlistis prepared bearing the title `Qadiani men/women`,` he added.

He said in view of the prevailing circumstances, it is not possible for the community to participate in the elections.

`Therefore, the community has decided to disassociate itself from the elections and separate itself from anyone claiming to represent the community in the polls.

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