As a leading law firm in Pakistan, AGHS has taken a proactive approach towards advocacy and has become a driving force behind legal reforms in Pakistan. Over the years, the organization has initiated and actively participated in advocacy campaigns on various human rights issues, leading to significant constitutional, legislative, and policy changes and measures. AGHS Legal Aid Cell is also routinely consulted by law-making bodies and government entities such as the NCHR (National Commission for Human Rights), NCRC (National Commission on the Rights of the Child), NCSW (National Commission on the Status of Women), and others when proposing and formulating reforms that touch upon human rights.

To create public awareness on human rights issues, AGHS uses a variety of tools, including disseminating human rights materials in written and audio-visual forms, hosting lectures and seminars, and holding press conferences. The organization also leverages mass communication channels, such as social media and public service announcements, to raise awareness among the broader public.

Lobbying is another crucial aspect of AGHS’s advocacy efforts, where the organization engages with legislating bodies, policy-makers, and the media to influence public policy and opinion on human rights issues such as the forced conversion of religious minorities, underage marriage, sexual assault laws, women’s protection measures and other critical legislature. The organization’s lobbying efforts have helped to bring about important changes in the legal and policy framework, resulting in greater protections for vulnerable groups and individuals.

AGHS has made notable contributions to various legislation and policies including the Bonded Labour System (Abolition) Act, 1992, Family Court (amendment) Ordinance, 2002, Juvenile Justice System Ordinance, 2000, Protection of Women (Criminal Law Amendment) Act 2006, Police Order 2002, Pakistan Penal Code (Offences Against Religion), and the Elections Act 2017, among others.

Additionally, AGHS’s extensive research on issues like constitutional law, criminal law amendments, prison conditions, family law, minority rights, and discriminatory laws and practices has been instrumental in highlighting the legal and social issues that affect the situation of human rights. This research helps to inform the organization’s advocacy efforts and provides a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities in protecting and promoting human rights in Pakistan.


AGHS has contributed to the following legislation and policies:

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