Adopted son confesses to murdering Farah Mazhar, claim police – 20 Jun 2022

Suspect allegedly killed his mother over disagreements over his marriage partner

Fahad, the adopted son of Farah Mazhar, the daughter of Seth Abid, had allegedly confessed to having killed his mother, police sources said.

They said that the suspect had told the police that he committed the crime out of frustration over his mother’s forbidding him from marrying a woman of his choice.

According to details, a 62-year-old woman who had been shot in the stomach was brought to a private hospital two days ago. She later died of her injuries.

During investigations, police found that the victim was the daughter of late Seth Abid.

Sources said that police then visited the crime scene where they interrogated the personal servants and the son of the deceased, Fahad.

Investigations revealed that it was a case of homicide, but the alleged perpetrators of the crime had been trying to portray it as a case of suicide.

The victim’s other son, Farid, registered a murder case with the police.

When police took Fahad into custody, he allegedly confessed to the crime and told the police that he killed his mother because she had not been giving her consent to him to marry a woman of his choice.

Police sources said that Fahad, along with his maid, allegedly hid the murder weapon in the kitchen.

He had also allegedly hidden a handgun in some other part of the house.

The gun was registered in the name of a security guard.

Police said they were investigating the matter further.

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