60,609 POs, court absconders arrested in 2023

LAHORE: At least 60,609 proclaimed offenders, court absconders, and record holders were arrested last year.

Among those arrested there were 11,311 POs and criminals of category A and 49,298 of category B.

Around 13,575 wanted criminals, 10,703 POs and 36,331 court absconders were taken into custody.

24,698 medicolegal certificates issued in 2023

A total of 24,698 medicolegal certificates were issued by different hospitals in 2023.

Some 4,732 medicolegal certificates were issued by Police Service Counter General Hospital, 3,729 by Jinnah Hospital, 2,847 by Services Hospital, 1,287 by Mayo Hospital, 924 by Ganga Ram Hospital, 2,520 by Mian Munshi Hospital, 2,236 by Kot Khawaja Saeed Hospital, 709 by Nawaz Sharif Hospital, 1,278 by Rural Health Centres Barki, 1,652 by Awan Dhaiwala, 1,013 by Manga Mandi, 1,009 by Rural Health Centre and 762 by Police Service Counter Rural Health Centre Chuhng.

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