Paralegal Training Program 2019-2020

Follow-Up Course Understanding Digital Spaces

Facilitator Asra Haque & Haider Kaleem

Organization AGHS-Legal Aid Cell

Month January 10,2020


One of the topics covered during the workshop was social media, and its role and importance as a tool in establishing paralegal networks. The session was conducted by Haider Kaleem and Asra Haque of, a digital media initiative of the AGHS Legal Aid Cell.

Paralegals were given an introduction to the various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and were provided with a basic step-by-step on how to create an account on these platforms, how to engage with content produced for these platforms, and how to share content with the paralegal network to help spread information and build connections.

An answer and question session ensued where female paralegals expressed their concerns with social media. They were taught about social media safety, how to protect their information and how to differentiate between false or fake news and authentic content.

It was determined from the session that not many paralegals were making use of social media except for Whatsapp to receive and disseminate information, and to build their paralegal network. Women especially were vary about risking their private information, but were willing to create profiles for different social media platforms after learning of basic safety and security rules