30,000 poultry farms face closure – 19 Nov 2022

Delay in release of soybean from port threatens industry

Businessmen have expressed fear that 30,000 poultry farms will be closed, more than 300 feed mills will be affected and investment of about Rs1,200 billion will be stopped in the poultry sector because of delay in clearance of soybean.

“With the unavailability of soybean meal, a main ingredient in poultry feed, there are chances of scarcity of chicken meat that may threaten the country’s food security,” cautioned Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) President Saqib Rafiq.

In a statement, Rafiq highlighted that 130,000 tons of soybean worth Rs22 billion was lying in the open sky at port and its clearance had been delayed.

The poultry industry meets 50% of meat demand in the country and more than 1.5 million people are employed in the sector.

“Consumers have started feeling the pinch because of the unavailability of soybean meal as prices of chicken meat are going up, making it unaffordable for the common man,” he remarked.

As soybean meal was the main ingredient in any feed, the entire feed industry would be shut down, he voiced fear, adding that the businesses of poultry farmers, fish farmers and dairy farmers would be ruined.

He cautioned the authorities that in the next two weeks, chicken meat and eggs could become scarce.

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